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Who will you be today?


At CrossEyes we celebrate the fact that everyone is so fabulously different. You are your own unique look, style and personality – and we’ve got a collection of stylish glasses that are all about you.


Being you is exciting when you can choose from hundreds of custom-made Danish frames in an inspiring range of shapes, colours and materials.


Being you is easy with a complimentary style consultation that helps you find your perfect pair. Our certified optometrists will help you out with finding the lenses and coatings that best suit your lifestyle. Read more about the upgrades here.

Single vision








I am single vision £98


Our single vision standard. All our frames come with standard single vision lenses and a scratch resistant, anti-glare coating.

I am varifocal £198


Our CrossEyes Standard Varifocal Lens provides distance, middle and near vision and includes a scratch-resistant and anti-glare coating. You can also upgrade your varifocals with lenses that best suit your lifestyle.


CrossEyes Enchanced +£70

Is ideal if you spend time changing focus from distance to close-up work throughout the day, e.g. if you work in front of a computer or if you are driving.


CrossEyes Enchanced Plus +£140

With our advanced technology this lens gives you a wider field of view and sharp vision at all times.


CrossEyes Premium +£200

Our highest quality lens. It has almost no softening of focus at the edges, simulating as close to your natural vision as you can get. The lens has a superior easy to clean coating and a 2 year guarantee against scratches. It comes with increased UV protection and even takes into account if you are right or left handed.

I am performance


This is our advanced lenses for optimum vision in difficult situations. The lens upgrades are not included in the standard pricing.


CrossEyes Secret UV +£70

Our most advanced anti-glare coating is almost invisible, protects against UV, is super easy to clean, and comes with a 2-year guarantee against any scratches.


CrossEyes Drive +£70

Reduces glare from lights whilst driving particularly at night. Especially useful when glare is increased in wet conditions.


CrossEyes Work +£70

Optimised for comfortable vision during prolonged periods of computer use, these bespoke lenses also allow you to see close to and in the distance.


CrossEyes Screen +£70

This specialist coating helps to reduce tiredness for anyone working in front of a screen.

I am outdoors


Protect your eyes and achieve the best possible vision in the sun. The lens upgrades are not included in the standard pricing.


CrossEyes Sunglasses +£30

Choose your tint colour with full UV protection.


CrossEyes Sun Adaptive +£80

Change from clear to sunglasses when going from indoors to outside (and change when driving) – giving you full UV protection all year round, no matter the weather.


CrossEyes Polarised +£80

Significantly reduce glare, especially when driving and around water. Also provides 100% UV protection.